Tips for your international school CV

Your international school CV, or resume, is a short written summary of your career, qualifications, and education. Smart teachers know to write a CV that is only two pages in length. They understand that recruiters are often pressed for time, especially at a job fair. Check out our CV example for international schools to help you curate a document that will lead to an interview-

Page 1 Example
International school CV example Search Associates ANZ example of candidates international school CV

Page 2 Example


Aim to be brief and to the point. Make it clear and easy to read – 12 pt font is usually the right size. Complementary fonts like Arial with Arial Black or Sans Serif with Sarif work well together to set out headings and sections.

These days most CVs are viewed on a screen and very few are printed out. Having said that, check that the last few sentences don’t run onto the third page, just in case a recruiter does print it out.

Share your CV with your friends, teaching or otherwise, and ask for their feedback. Let their clarifying questions guide you on what you may need to include. Spell-check and proofread! Recruiters don’t give you second chances if you don’t get your CV right!

A recruiter shares their insight:

My opinion is that the CV has a photo and personal information (date of birth, dependent information, home of record) at the top, followed by educational qualifications and teacher registration/certification information (are they a certified teacher?), work experience should be listed from the most recent job first and work backward…. I then jump to the end to see if they have any other differentiating features such as additional qualifications, whether they have done workshops (and when), and if they have any other work experience or interests that may add value to our school and may differentiate them from the next candidate.

We recommend including the following:

International school CV example Search Associates ANZ work desk with motivational quotes on a plaque

  • Contact details
  • Family status (single, married, children, etc)
  • A passport-sized head and shoulders photo (optional)
  • Teaching Objectives/Philosophies: a statement about your belief system and the philosophical underpinnings that shape your views on education.  Include statements on your belief about student management, differentiation, assessment, or general beliefs you have regarding factors for student success.  We recommend embedding this in the resume, rather than having it separate.  About a third of a page or less is sufficient for a strong philosophical statement.
  • Qualifications
  • Relevant teaching experience
  • Recent relevant Professional Development – shows that you are a lifelong learner and are up to date with current practices.
  • Hobbies and interests outside school, especially if they can translate into possible extracurricular activities. Schools are looking for someone who can be both successful in the classroom and in the community as well.
  • Referees – usually 3

Update/upload your CV on your profile at any time. Make sure your profile matches up with your CV!

Resume tips for teaching abroad


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Bio Notes

The bio notes, are one of the sections of your online profile application and are a biographical summary of some of the experiences that have shaped the teacher that you are today.  It’s good to emphasize things like travel experiences, work experiences, and accomplishments that have impacted your life.

Consider adding how these experiences have built your confidence, skills, and your approach to teaching. Why are you ready for this next move (from an education/school perspective).  What can you offer, educationally, that no one else can?

Take the crucial step towards landing your dream job by perfecting your CV. If you’re an active candidate, reach out to your Search Associate, Nick Kendell to receive valuable feedback on your CV and enhance its presentation!

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