Many of our international school teachers may be experiencing a ‘new’ overload rat the beginning of their new school year . Everything that was known and familiar has been exchanged for the ‘new’. Moving to any foreign country is undoubtedly a challenge. Between adapting to a new culture, a new language and new habits, it can cause a lot of stress. There are new sounds, new smells, new environments to explore and a new way of life to discover. The honeymoon phase experienced in the first few months of living in a new country can be one of the most exciting and memorable times of your life.
Amidst all of these changes, it can be tempting to find comfort in what was left behind at home. We all have the things we miss. For me, it’s sourdough bread with butter and vegemite and a ‘skinny cap’. Forget home for a minute though, it’ll always be there. Instead of focusing on what you miss, try to embrace the lifestyle you currently enjoy, for what will most likely be a couple of years.

Shakshouka and feta for breakfast? No worries.
Getting to school at 7:30am? I can do it for a short while.
Hanging the clothes out from the kitchen balcony and having it dry in an hour – great!

Whatever it may be, I’ve found the good and excitement in living as much like a local as I can. It is also much cheaper.
Whatever it may be that is a hard adjustment to make, embrace it. Once you’ve done the hard work to find a new job overseas, don’t be in a rush to get home, and look forward to enjoying your time abroad as one of many chapters in your life journey. Celebrate the small milestones, small moments of gratitude and connectedness. It adds up to greater joy over time.

A world of opportunity awaits

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