Right now it may seem like all the applications you are sending out to schools are going into a massive void, never to be seen again.

Don’t worry!  Almost every job-hunting international educator tells that same story.  The huge numbers of applications that the internet has made possible have resulted in it becoming the “new normal” for many schools not to reply to applications in the pre-January period of the year.

In the international recruiting cycle, measured by new jobs obtained to date for next August, we are probably onlya tenth of the way through the year. There used to be a well-defined period of sending in your notice just before or after Christmas and then applying for jobs in January to March to start in August/ September.

Now the recruiting year seems to have stretched out so that some schools are constantly searching, researching, interviewing, and checking referees. There is much less of a defined recruiting season as such. However, the general pattern at the moment is that we start to see a trickle of candidates accepting jobs and deactivating their files late October, increasing to a slight stream in November and December.  There is always a lull over Christmas and New Year and then a tidal wave in January, largely due to some of the biggest worldwide job-fairs taking place in January.  From February onwards, the pace of gaining of new jobs slows down again until the end of the school year, with still a few new jobs being confirmed right up to the start of the new school year. Even then, Search Associates is contacted by schools to help fill emergency positions.

Recruiters are extraordinarily busy right now and while some schools have automated systems in place to thank teachers for their applications, others are trying to run their school and wait until January to focus on future staffing needs. It adds up to a lack of response to candidate applications. Some schools don’t even know which staff are leaving at this stage.

Expect to hear more from recruiters in February after the major January fairs have concluded.  February seems to be when the tide turns and schools become more proactive in their pursuit of teachers.

Regarding the contacting of schools, if they are using APLi, please ONLY apply once. There is no need to write again as all your information will be collected and sorted into the position listing on the school’s APLi records.

If you apply through any other method, we believe that the best approach is to email the school firstly through our system.  One week later, and only if you do not get a response, please email through your own email provider, putting in the subject heading “Search Associates candidate for XX position” and re-send your inquiry.

At this stage of the year, try to remember the 3 ‘P’ philosophy – patience, persistence and perseverance in the next few months ahead.

In other words, just do the math:  the more schools to which you apply and the longer you continue to apply, the greater your probability of success.

A world of opportunity awaits

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