The December Global Virtual Fair takes place December 11 to December 14, 2020.

Due to the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on air travel and border restrictions, Search Associates has moved to a VIRTUAL platform which we hope will provide a safe, friendly and cost-effective way for both recruiters and candidates to meet and interview for positions worldwide.

This Fair is specifically designed for candidates seeking their first international school position outside their home country. Registered schools will come from all regions of the world and are open to hiring first-time overseas teachers.

Please note the following:

  • Open to all Search schools worldwide, offering any curriculum (including Canadian, American, UK, Australian or New Zealand curricula), open to hiring first-time overseas teachers
  • Open to candidates with domestic teaching experience in all subjects and all grade levels.
  • Leadership and teaching candidates are welcome to attend.
  • New teaching graduates and teachers with limited years of experience are also encouraged to register.
  • Candidates must have an active Search profile to request an invitation.

If you are not yet registered with Search Associates, please contact us for information on joining Search Associates and participating in the December Global Virtual Fair.

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