Overseas teachers can earn more money but need good tax advice

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While we would love to offer tax advice, only a specialist can keep up with the constant changes and updates to taxes.

Ask for tax advice before you move

If you are seriously thinking about working overseas make sure you find someone who is familiar with expat taxation. You can manage your affairs wisely and make the most of your earnings whilst teaching overseas.

Many countries offer reciprocal tax agreements so that you don’t have to pay tax twice. To do this you may have to declare yourself non-resident for taxation purposes. Many schools we work with also pay some or all of your local tax requirements.

We asked for recommendations and candidates currently living overseas recommended the Smats Group which run Australasian Taxation Services, accessible from anywhere in the world. This recent presentation describes expat taxation and compares differences since 2004.


Tax guide

This valuable tax guide from BDO is intended for individuals leaving Australia for employment purposes. It aims to provide an overview of the main Australian tax considerations and issues that affect Australian employees who are overseas teachers and is current as of July 2020. Click here to download it for yourself.

If you are from New Zealand and looking for some advice, click here.

Teachers from the US click here

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin (1706-90)

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“Expats and International School Educators” has 7500 members who share advice on finances and taxes and what to avoid.

overseas teachers need good tax advice

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