Visiting international schools

One of the best ways to find out about the many teaching jobs abroad is to visit schools in person. This is not always possible, especially during border closures, which is why Search Associates are such a wonderful resource.

When Nick and I secured our first teaching jobs abroad, we signed on at our school sight unseen. There was very little in the way of information (pre-internet). Once we were teaching overseas we didn’t have much of a chance to visit other schools either unless there was a sporting carnival or a competition on the weekend.

Working for Search Associates has been a real privilege as we have been able to visit 100’s of schools around the world. The schools that use Search Associates post thousands of teaching jobs each year and it is rewarding when we meet up with teachers we have placed in these schools. We hear first-hand how their experience is and the pros and cons.  

If you are interested in watching some of our visits to schools in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, please have a look at our collection of international school videos here 

We have also watched many, many international school presentations at our job fairs. This is an opportunity for schools to promote themselves to teachers, showcasing the locality, climate, school, and student population and listing their primary school teaching jobs, secondary school teaching jobs, and counselor jobs, not to mention administrative roles. One of the most entertaining videos we have seen is from Kings Academy Jordan – you may also enjoy this quick presentation!

There are over 700 schools registered with Search Associates. If you have questions about a registered school we haven’t yet visited ourselves we can ask one of the other associates to tell you more. If you would like to know what other information you can learn about schools when you are a registered member of Search Associates please read our FAQ: Why should I choose Search Associates?

Together we have a deep knowledge of international schools worldwide, their reputations, and personnel over the past 30 years.  To see which schools we work with, click here


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