Are job fairs better than the database?

Teachers join Search Associates with the goal of finding a position in a top international school. There are 3 main ways we can help make that happen. Firstly, Search Associates have a state-of-the-art database to help schools and candidates connect.

Search Associates also host a variety of in-person and virtual job fairs across the world. There are fairs for teachers looking for their first international school position, fairs for those highly experienced, and all teachers in between. Educators seeking leadership positions can also find these positions offered at all fairs.

How candidates find a new position


  • The Database

Connect with a school through the database, interview via video link, and secure a job.

Pros: Save time and money.

Cons: Not as much opportunity to find out more about the school, meet face to face, and network.


  • A Job Fair

Search Associates job fairs have been one of the most successful ways for international school teachers to find employment over the past 30 years. We bring people together to meet in person and facilitate meetings between candidates and recruiters.

Pros: Great opportunities to network and learn more about a variety of schools by attending presentations on each of the international schools attending the fair. Chance conversations can lead to a job. Recruiters often remember meeting candidates and keep them in mind for later opportunities. Professional development opportunities.

Cons: Travel expense, intense emotions over a short time period. No guarantees a school will interview you.


  • A Virtual Fair

These are an easy, cheap way to meet with schools looking to hire educators. We aim to put you in touch with as many interested schools as possible. You will leave fully informed about the schools and the employment details.

Pros: Low cost, held over a weekend.

Cons: So far our virtual fairs have resulted in fewer placements than our in-person fairs.

School registration process

All schools we work with have to be registered with Search Associates. Roughly 10% of all schools listing themselves as providing international education worldwide, are currently registered with us.  We have a clear policy to only work with a certain type of school. Each applicant school has to undertake a rigorous process of screening before it is accepted.

As a registered candidate at a fair, you can also expect specific advice regarding schools that are of interest to you from our associates.

Which candidates are the most successful at these fairs?

This is a hard question to answer as there are always exceptions to the rule. Teachers in specialist fields often have the best chances of success due to a smaller teacher supply in relation to the number of jobs.

Specialist areas include music, art, library, early childhood, science and mathematics, and advanced level teachers (eg IB Diploma, AP, GCE A-Level).

Specialists do have an advantage over English and ESL teachers, fields in which the supply is large.

However, any teacher with a proven track record and a passion for student learning can succeed. Schools are always looking for outstanding teachers in all areas. Also in high demand are educators who have the flexibility and the willingness to work in sometimes challengingly different professional environments.


Best way to find a job: database vs job fair Search Associates ANZ productive conversations being had at a Search Associates fair In order to provide more support to those in attendance, we look to cap the number of attendees. To that end, we expect our fairs to fill up quickly, sometimes quite suddenly, and with little warning. If you are interested in attending one of our fairs, we ask that you keep this in mind and register early.

If you would like an invitation to any fair please request it now through your dashboard. (Ticking the box for an interest in a particular fair is not the same as requesting an invitation). If you change your mind about attending, please let us know the moment you decide, so that another teacher may take your place.

A request may be declined if the fair organiser’s criteria is not fulfilled, primarily to ensure that teachers do not waste their time or money attending a fair that may not suit their qualifications/circumstances or result in an interview.

No matter which way you choose to connect with schools of interest we are here to guide and support you each step of the way. The question you might ask is not, “Can you afford to go to a fair?” but “Can you afford to miss it!”Questions about attending a job fair? Please reach out to Nick.

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