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Search Associates allocates you an associate based either on your locality or your interest in a job fair


Associates live in various locations and work with candidates around the world. While Nick Kendell lives in Australia, he also assists candidates from across the globe. Candidates who are looking to attend the Bangkok Job Fair can register with Nick’s office along with any other interested candidates who are currently living outside the USA, Canada, and the UK. He has experience working in schools using Australian, American, IB, and British curriculums. Nick is available anytime via email or can set up a Zoom call by appointment.

When you join Search Associates you access

  • Registration with Search Associates for 3 years, or until you find a job internationally.
  • Our detailed database, giving information on over 700 international schools worldwide.
  • An invitation to one job fair as part of your registration fee.
  • Thoroughly screened school information. We have a company goal to only accept new schools that meet our high standards. Schools wishing to recruit through Search Associates must undergo a rigorous screening process that can take up to several weeks.

We have turned down many schools that other recruiting agencies have accepted. It is not our goal to have the largest school database but to have a database that is filled with schools who will take care of our candidates, both personally and professionally. President Jessica Magagna

  • As an active candidate, you will receive daily updates which allow you to find out what jobs are available for your particular area of expertise.
  • Schools can search for you. Recruiters can look at your details once you become fully registered and you, in turn, are able to contact them through our system.
  • Most importantly, you have the association with the Search Associates name which gives credibility to your applications. Recruiters know that you and your information have been thoroughly vetted.

Note: Search Associates does NOT match teachers to schools. We give you the tools and information to apply to schools of interest yourself.

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Support from your associate

  • We are here to answer questions and offer advice where we can. While we are unable to contact schools on your behalf we will certainly put your name forward if schools ask us for recommendations.
  • Help with choosing the right school for you. If you are offered a position and are unsure – we can usually answer any questions you may have about the school. If we are not sure, we can contact one of the other associates for some first-hand information. Collectively the Search Associates have either worked in the schools on our database; know the administrators; have visited the schools or know their reputations. We rely on repeat business – so we try to make sure that the school is the right fit for you. We want you to be happy!
  • Advice if a school has contacted you and requested an interview. We are here to help.
  • Advice on your CV and cover letters to schools.
You may be asking yourself the question, why use Search Associates and how can Nick Kendell help? Our answer would be, why wouldn’t you? Nick has been such a friendly and amazing associate to work with over the past few months. He has been a positive force behind us securing amazing positions in a fabulous international school. From the first moment of meeting Nick, we were confident that he knew what he was doing. He has the experience and knows the international school scene very well. What has impressed us the most is his regular and open communication where he is always ready to answer questions, support and be optimistic. We would definitely love to work with Nick again and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him! Michelle and Robert
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