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Al Siraat College, located in Melbourne, has joined with Search Associates to recruit teachers from overseas. The college is a co-educational, Foundation to Year 12 school for students from the Islamic faith. They are an independent Australian school in the Islamic Tradition. The college was established in 2009 and provides education to a fast-growing, strongly community-supported population.


We asked the HOS and school founder, Fazeel Arain to tell us about the employment process. He explained:

First, a preliminary offer is made. A dedicated staff member then works with the candidate to assist them with applying for VIT membership. (To teach in the State of Victoria you need to be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. You can find more details related to the application process, along with the requirements to gain registration. This can take some time to be approved).
The college sponsors the visa and visa processes. The college may be able to explore options for obtaining Australian Residency to provide a longer term employment contract and a direct pathway to residency (under current laws).
Once all documents are in order the visa application is lodged. Current processing times are very high.
There is a 3-day induction program at the start of the school year in January – if someone joins mid-year then they normally try and provide the necessary induction over a day or two.

Search Associates welcomes Australian college Search Associates ANZ  photo of a teacher and her class at Al Siraat college

Nick Kendell visited the school in February 2022. Please enjoy some photos from the college and his review here.
For more information, listen to Fazeel Arain talking to prospective candidates at our recent Bangkok virtual fair.
If you are interested in finding out more, we advise checking firstly with the VIT to assess your eligibility. Please contact Nick Kendell for more information.

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