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Writing a great professional bio for an international school job helps introduce you to recruiters and make a compelling first impression on recruiters and hiring committees.

The title “biography” (Bio) can be misleading. This isn’t just your life story; it’s your story as an educational professional. Striking the right balance is crucial. Unlike a casual and brief introduction, you should aim to make the most of the character allowance provided. The reason is simple: this is your chance to convey not only who you are but also why you’re a valuable asset to the school community.

Here’s what you should address:

Who Are You?Creating your professional bio can help your application to international schools

Describe your journey to this point in your life and career. What drives you as an educator? Reflect on your path and your goals.

Why Education?

Share your motivations and passion for being an educator. Showcase your commitment to teaching or administration, your affinity for children, and your ability to create an engaging classroom environment.

Curriculum Expertise

Highlight your expertise in delivering the curriculum you teach or aspire to teach. Whether it’s the IB program, the UK international curriculum, or any other, demonstrate your understanding and interest.

Educational Philosophy

Showcase your philosophical alignment with the principles that underlie the curriculum you teach. Explain how your approach aligns with the educational values of the institution.

Competitive Edge

Market yourself as an invaluable addition to the school’s team. Emphasize what sets you apart and why you’re the ideal choice for the role.

Use all the space available to showcase your professional bio

Child protection

Schools may use your bio as a means to understand your perspective on being a role model to students and your beliefs about your place within an educational institution. You have an opportunity to illustrate the various ways you engage with young learners, both within formal classroom settings and informally, whether it’s within the school environment or beyond.

Leave Out

Self-Centered Benefits

Avoid discussing the personal advantages you’ll gain from the position. Employers want to know how you’ll contribute to the school’s success and solve their recruitment needs.

Obvious Travel and Adventure Interests

International teaching inherently involves travel and adventure. You don’t need to state the obvious in a professional bio for an international school job.

A professional bio can help your application to international schools as it helps recruiters understand who you are

Craft your professional bio with care, emphasizing your dedication to education, your alignment with the institution’s values, and your unique contributions to the school. Remember, you’re marketing yourself as a professional contributor to the school’s mission. While it’s important to show some life balance, focus primarily on your professional commitment. Ensure that your bio is coherent with the rest of your profile, and pay close attention to spelling, grammar, and writing style. Your English should be clear, concise, accurate, and reader-friendly. Your story as an educational professional matters. Click here for some examples.

If you’re looking for some more information about writing in the first person, click here.

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