Starting a Search Associates profile

Are you thinking about joining Search Associates? Wondering how long it takes to start a Search Associates profile? Unsure if you have all the documentation that you’ll need?

It takes about 45 minutes to fill in your profile.

How to fill in a Search Associates profile. Search Associates Australia/New Zealand

Step 1: Your profile is in Partial Status

  • Work through the online application form until all red tabs have changed to blue.
  • Upload your CV into ‘Documents’. You can add your other certificates including the criminal background check later.
  • Start on your Bio. When you add your Bio to your application, you can make changes or add to it at any time. It can be an evolving document, so it doesn’t need to be perfect at this time.

Step 2: Pending Status

We’ll contact you and guide you personally through the rest of the registration process.

Then request references from your supervisors. One of these must be from your current Principal. We’ll give you instructions on how to do this. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. We can’t move forward without these so if you’re not ready to request these yet, please come back to us when you are.

Let us know when your profile is finished. We’ll review your application. If we think you are the type of candidate that international schools are looking for, we’ll send you an invoice.

You may like to meet with your associate at this stage to introduce yourself and ask questions.

Step 3: Active Status

Successful applicants are granted access to our database – you can apply for jobs and request invitations to our job fairs.

Your profile will be available to around 800 schools on our database.

The more you can articulate what you have to offer a school, the more successful you’ll be. Our application is thorough, and that’s why schools use us.

Start your amazing international teaching adventure! Fill in your Search Associates profile and become an active candidate today.

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