Nick Kendell


Nick Kendell

Nick started his international teaching career in 1995 and has since worked across 3 different continents. He began at Hong Kong International School, where he held a variety of positions in the Upper and Lower Primary schools.

After spending 9½ years in Hong Kong, Nick moved back to Australia to take up a Deputy Principal role at Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston, Tasmania. After 4½ years in this role, Nick moved to Cairo in 2008 to become the Head of Primary at the New Cairo British International School. He completed his time in Cairo and returned to Australia in July 2011.

Nick and his wife Paula (also a teacher) run the Australasian Search office, and together they bring the experience of over 25 years in international schools.

With his experience as a school administrator and now over a decade in recruitment, Nick provides a unique perspective to the Search team of associates and is a valuable resource to both candidates and schools.

You can read about Nick and Paula’s time in Hong Kong and Egypt here

Paula Kendell


Paula Kendell

Paula worked in Hong Kong at Hong Kong International School in a variety of teaching roles, the most recent of which was as a Physical Education Teacher for Students from Reception to Year 2. Paula was then invited to coordinate a 4 year old program at a prestigious British Kindergarten in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong. After having two children of her own, Paula designed and operated her own private play school in Hong Kong for children aged 18 months to 3 years.

On her return to Tasmania Paula worked as an Early Childhood teacher and music specialist for Kindergarten children in a school that utilised the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Her most recent role in Cairo was as a PYP classroom teacher in a British International School.

Paula taught Reception age children for 3 years and worked on the development of a Literacy strategy for Early Childhood Education.

Paula provides a very realistic view of life internationally and she is willing to offer advice, counsel and share her wealth of experience with candidates and schools. Her experience and expertise in many different educational settings and her love of learning, enable her to fit easily into the Search Associates team.

Together, the Kendells’ commitment to personalised service and their recent experiences in schools make them an ideal couple to run the Australian and New Zealand branch of Search Associates.

Deidre Fischer


Deidre Fischer

Deidre brings a wealth of experience as an educator for students and adults, and as a former Head of Pre-School to Grade 12 International Schools, including –
• Director of the International School of Ulaanbataar (Mongolia),
• Superintendent of Cebu International School (Philippines) and
• Interim Head for Bali International School (Indonesia).

Deidre has lived and worked in various countries – Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, India, PR China, Hong Kong, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore etc

Her goal is to improve student learning through her work with School Board members, leaders, teaching and non-teaching staff. Her expertise reflects depth and range of experiences and her mode of work ranges from statistical analysis, to workshops on-site, always with practical applications for the participants. The style she employs is reflective of her personal work philosophy: “find ways to connect with your people and help them reach their potential” – building relationships through trust and utilising capacity within schools and is inspired by Trust Matters: Leadership for Successful Schools, 2nd Edition”, Megan Tschannen Moran. All of her work can be connected to her company mission as she strives to support effective learning environments for all students.

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