Is International Teaching Your Next Chapter?

Do you ever feel…

  • Passionate about teaching, but yearning for something more?
  • Like your skills could make a difference on a global scale?
  • Ready for a fresh challenge that combines travel, personal growth, and professional development?

If you answered yes, then international teaching might be your perfect adventure!

This isn’t just for career climbers or restless teachers. Whether you’re a recent graduate brimming with idealism, a mid-career educator seeking a shift, or a seasoned pro with wisdom to share, international schools offer something for everyone.


  • Living in a new country, soaking up different cultures and perspectives.
  • Collaborating with colleagues from around the world, exchanging ideas, and fostering global understanding.
  • Expanding your skills and expertise, working with diverse learners and innovative curriculums.
  • Contributing to a vibrant school community that extends beyond the classroom.

International schools come in all shapes and sizes, from British and American styles to the globally recognized International Baccalaureate program. They share commonalities with your home schools, yet offer unique experiences like specialist teachers and exposure to various languages.

But they need YOU! They need qualified, passionate educators who:

  • Embrace adventure and cultural immersion.
  • Value collaboration and sharing perspectives.
  • See learning as a lifelong journey.
  • Are ready to go the extra mile for their students.

Come along to a seminar to:

  • Learn the qualities successful international teachers possess
  • Discover tips about interviewing online and succeeding at job fairs.
  • Review your current CV and have it assessed from the perspective of a recruiter. Present it in the best format for international schools
  • Learn what opportunities exist for experienced teachers overseas and discover what schools abroad really want
  • Take the mystery out of the process of applying for an international school position.

In-person and online seminars to choose from

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