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What makes for an ideal Candidate?

Spending part of your career working in another country can be one of the more fulfilling experiences of your professional life; however, it is also challenging, and not everyone is suited.

Jobs are competitive;
qualifications and strong competencies are required.

Most international schools have high standards in their hiring preferences, and a completed a BA or BS degree or its equivalent is generally a requirement to be considered by all our Search Associates affiliated schools.

The majority of our schools also require candidates to have teaching certification, preferably from an English-speaking country (Australia, New Zealand, the U.S, Canada, or UK). Much of this is the result of host country restrictions in obtaining a VISA/working permit.

Two years experience of fulltime teaching
in a recognized K-12 program.

Most school recruiters are looking for candidates who are currently doing what they will be expected to do overseas. The more experienced you are, the more competitive you are likely to be.

FLEXIBILITY is very important.

Search Associates will usually accept only those candidates willing to consider several countries or regions of the world. These candidates will have willingness to go almost anywhere in the world and will have more opportunities to secure interviews and ultimately, get a job.

Family circumstances are considered.

International schools will give preference to single teachers without dependents or to teaching couples (both qualified teachers) with no more than two accompanying children.

Almost all schools will hire teaching couples and single teachers without dependents. However, due to the exceptional expenses international schools incur (such as airfares, shipping, relocation and, in most cases, housing provisions) when hiring personnel from abroad, the more dependents a candidate has, the more expensive the teacher becomes, which can hinder your ability to be a competitive candidate.

Teaching specialists are generally in high demand.

Specialising in areas of Early childhood, K-12, science, mathematics, librarians, art, music, counsellors, and technology can enhance your attractiveness to our affiliate schools.

Versatility sets you apart.

All schools expect after-school co-curricular work. Versatility may be the single greatest attraction in an overseas candidate.

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Once accepted, registration to our program involves the following process:

  1. Online registration: Completion of an online application, short biography, minimum four (4) confidential references, and signing of a Search Associates agreement.
  2. Payment of Registration fee (US $225): This covers a three year period or until the candidate is placed in an international school (through Search Associates or otherwise), whichever comes first. This fee includes registration at one Search Associates job fair and access to the database. (additional fee of $75 for registration at each subsequent fair should it be necessary to attend one).
  3. Search Associates database access established (including information about job openings at international schools), and an invitation to a Search Associates job fair.
  4. Once hired: A placement fee is paid to Search Associates by the international school hiring the candidate. The candidate is not required to pay any part of this fee as long as the candidate fulfils the contract.
  5. When a candidate accepts a position, the application will be archived in our database until he or she is ready for a new adventure.

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