Due to the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on air travel and border restrictions, we have moved to a VIRTUAL platform which we hope will provide a safe, friendly and cost-effective way for both recruiters and candidates to meet and interview for positions worldwide.

December Global Virtual Job Fair

Date: 11 – 14 December, 2020

Location: Online

Thank you for your interest in the first December Global Virtual Job Fair.

Search Associates’ Toronto and Melbourne Fairs are now the December 2020 Global Virtual Fair.

This Fair is specifically designed for candidates seeking their first international school position outside their home country. Registered schools will come from all regions of the world and are open to hiring first-time overseas teachers.

Please note the following:

  • Open to all Search schools worldwide, offering any curriculum (including Canadian, American, UK, Australian or New Zealand curricula), open to hiring first-time overseas teachers
  • Open to candidates with domestic teaching experience in all subjects and all grade levels.
  • Leadership and teaching candidates are welcome to attend.
  • New teaching graduates and teachers with limited years of experience are also encouraged to register.
  • Candidates must have an active Search profile to request an invitation.

We recommend registering by November to secure a place at the Fair.

We anticipate around 90 international schools will be in attendance and approximately 300 candidates.

This event is invitation-only, so please be sure to register your interest if you want to come along.

We would love to see you there!

Why choose the Virtual Fair?

Easy to take part

The majority of candidates have had inquiry-based teaching in Australia and New Zealand.

The number of schools attending the fair is expected to be approximately 90 of the best worldwide.

We keep the ratio of teachers to schools at 1:4

We expect to match 70% of teachers with a job

80% of teachers receive job offers from one or more schools at the fair

What Sort of Schools Recruit at the Virtual Fair?

All schools attending the Virtual Fair have to be registered with Search Associates. Roughly 10% of all schools listing themselves as providing international education, worldwide, are currently registered with Search Associates.

This is the product of clear policy by our company to work with a certain type of schools. Each applicant school has to undertake a rigorous process of screening before it is accepted. As a registered candidate at the Virtual Fair you can expect specific advice regarding schools which are of interest to you.

Which Candidates Are the Most Successful at This Fair?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there are always exceptions to the rule. Teachers in specialist fields have the best chances of success due to a smaller teacher supply in relation to the number of jobs.
Specialist areas include: music, art, library, early childhood, science and mathematics, and advanced level teachers (such as IB Diploma, AP, GCE A-Level).

Specialists do have an advantage over English and ESL teachers, fields in which the supply is large, but schools are always looking for outstanding teachers in all areas. Also in high demand: educators who have flexibility and the willingness to work in sometimes challengingly different professional environments.

However, any teachers with a proven track record and a passion for student learning can succeed at this fair.

Benefits For Candidates

Our Job Fairs offer excellent networking, ongoing guidance, and endless opportunities for all of our candidates

Image for Kate Henry
Kate Henry

English Teacher

Australia Australia

  Nick, personally assisted me by answering my questions, giving tips and guidance and offering moral support when I was making one of the biggest decisions of my life. I would highly recommend Search Associates.

Image for Scotty Ngatai
Scotty Ngatai

Grade 1 Teacher

New Zealand New Zealand

Teaching Internationally has made my life so much better in terms of family, health, travel, and coin! If you want to learn more get along to one of these Nick's talks (that is if you aren't planning or marking!)!

Image for Samara Cox
Samara Cox

Science Teacher

New Zealand New Zealand

My experience with Search Associates was only positive. Their professional, approachable, and well-organised approach made it simple and straight forward for me to successfully find the perfect position that I was looking for!

Image for Neil Marshall-Inns
Neil Marshall-Inns

Elementary Principal

United Kingdom United Kingdom

  Nick and Paula do an amazing job of connecting excellent schools with excellent teachers and provide wonderful support to both. I highly recommend them.

A world of opportunity awaits

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