"Being a Search candidate is extremely helpful and it makes finding the right school easy." Pieter

 See what previously placed candidates and heads of schools have to say about Search Associates

“Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity you have provided for teachers globally in searching for jobs worldwide! It has completely opened my eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual job fair that was held in early December.” Kelsi

“Hi Nick, Just to let you know that I have been employed in Vienna through your website. This was the ultimate goal and we are thrilled! I wanted you to know how grateful I am (and my wife). Thanks for everything”. Matt

“I want to thank you all, especially Nick, for guiding and supporting me in searching for a job globally. My experience with search is excellent. Most importantly, whenever I needed any support, I contacted Nick, and within 24 hours, I received a reply, or he has made time even to meet me virtually and gave me confidence not to give up on my job search. This is the 3rd job that I have found through Search. I can say that  Search Associate is the most reliable recruitment agency”.  Farhana

“Even though I was able to secure a job through direct contact with the school, having a Search profile was something I was still happy to update and activate and I was able to learn about other schools with their vacancies as they appeared in real-time and also fantastic to have Nick and his team to ask any questions. With many thanks Nick and team for all that you do.” Angela

” The two of you plus the SEARCH Associates organization have been terrific in assisting me on my journey for over a decade.  There was always ample information, provided well in advance of what was coming up.  You were always prompt in replying to my messages and excellent in answering my questions and giving advice when I requested it.  Thank you!” Arthur

“Thank you so much Paula and Nick. I’d like to thank Deidre too, for all her invaluable support during my application process with schools. I learned so much from her expertise and advice on what questions to ask, what is important information to look at regarding leadership and school culture, among other things. Super appreciate you taking the time and guiding me in the process, Deidre. Thank you.” Tina

“My wife and family are really looking forward to our new beginning in China. We joined Search Associates on the 22nd of May and had 2 jobs by the 30th, via the database. We are still spinning – we were certain that we would not be off until next year but are stoked with everything about the job” Garrick

“International teaching is allowing us to have a life we couldn’t have elsewhere. In less than 12 months we have had some amazing adventures; Sydney, Hong Kong, Xi’an, Suzhou, Shanghai, Yangshou, Japan, India and have also made it to the finish line of the Great Wall of China half marathon. Why go and lie by a resort pool?” Ruth

“Nick has been such a friendly and amazing associate to work with over the past few months. He has been a positive force behind us securing amazing positions in a fabulous international school. From the first moment of meeting Nick, we were confident that he knew what he was doing. He has the experience and knows the international school scene very well. What has impressed use the most is his regular and open communication where he’s  always ready to answer questions, support and be optimistic.” Michelle and Robert

“Thank you, Nick, so much for taking your time to speak with me. I appreciated your advice and felt relieved after speaking with you. I would like to take this moment to thank you so much for all the support you have provided me in my job search. It made a huge difference to me. Thank you so much”. Rumiko

“Thank you for having such detailed information about schools on your website. Yours is, by far, the best website with the most useful information. None of the other agencies have such detailed school information. Your virtual fair was the only one offering general Zoom sessions with schools. At the other fairs I went to, you could only leave a message and ask to be seen. Being able to ask questions at the schools’ Zoom Q&A sessions and be ‘noticed’ I felt helped my chance of being chosen for an interview.”Kirsty

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